BBB – Roadmap for the rehabilitation of 310 agricultural businesses in the Gaza strip

Gaza was subject to ongoing military assault for seven weeks in July 2014 by land, sea and air. At least 2,145 people were killed and over 60,000 homes were damaged or destroyed . The conflict created a scarcity of water, energy, food and shelter, whilst the agriculture industry in particular suffered heavily. Rapid damage and loss assessments conducted in 29 locations showed extensive damages to crop production, poultry farmers, livestock farms and fisheries amounting to nearly 23 million USD in damages and losses . As a result of the urgent need to support and rehabilitate the impacted agricultural sector, the Agricultural Development Association (PARC) in partnership with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) launched a project to improve food security and enhance resilience in Gaza through optimized rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure.

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