Regan Potangaroa


Victoria University, New Zealand

Regan is a Professor of Architectural Science in the School of Architecture at Victoria University, Wellington. His professional background as a structural engineer led him into humanitarian aid work through RedR Australia which ultimately led to him taking up academic life and research. His research areas are in post disaster reconstruction and the interface between technology and those being assisted in the humanitarian arena.

Regan has completed over 100 deployments into the field with various United Nations Agencies, the International Federation of Red Cross and national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, major INGO’s and RedR Australia in 23 different countries including Haiti, Indonesia, Samoa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Fiji, Vanuatu, Gaza, Syria, Sudan, China, Thailand, Tonga, Australia and New Zealand.

He has been medi-vacced 5 times and taken hostage once…and often it these many undocumented experiences that brings a spicy richness to his research.