Post-Conflict Recovery & Resilience Research Hub

Our ‘Build Back Better’ family is going towards the Middle East. We’re happy to be establishing a research hub in partnership with ‘JonZ for Sustainable Development’, an initiative established in 2017 by the youth to be as a bridge connecting New Zealand with the East aiming to contribute to the development of communities. The ‘Post-Conflict Recovery & Resilience Research Hub’ (PCRRR) will be based in both, New Zealand and Jordan. The research centre focuses on two main categories. The first category is on the rebuilt and recovery of post-conflict regions that are affected directly, such as Syria, Iraq and Libya, Sudan and other countries affected by man-made-disasters (wars). The second focus will be on communities affected indirectly such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to enhance their resiliency and relieve the consequences of the stresses and shocks as major refugees host communities. The ‘Post-Conflict Recovery & Resilience Research Hub’ (PCRRR) is currently looking for volunteer researchers to work as 1) Core-team Researchers and 2) Research Assistants. If you are interested, you can join us through filling the following application; . The research hub will be organising workshops in Auckland and the Middle East in the coming few months.