Natural Hazards Research Platform Programme Summary

This report examines the design, testing and refining of the Build Back Better Tool for reporting on disaster recovery as recovery develops. The report is part of the analysis under the research project, Building to Recovery (2015-2019), funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment through the Natural Hazards Research Platform (NHRP). The research programme built on earlier work examining Building Back Better concepts and ways of implementing Building Back Better, especially as articulated under the Sendai Framework for Action (2015-2020). Design, testing, refining and re-testing of the tool has led to a robust and detailed methodology for assisting with planning, implementing and managing disaster recovery, including a suite of indicators to use for recovery evaluation. This report discusses the tool, and the tests conducted on recovery environments in Christchurch and Canterbury regions. This report is a companion report to the OPUS 2020 report on Building to Recover.

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