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Build Back Better Tool

A Tool for Disaster Management Practitioners to assess and plan their recovery efforts for a resilient outcome

This project builds on the work done on developing the Build Back Better (BBB) Framework and BBB Indicators, to make this information accessible and easy to use for practitioners. The output of this project is a Tool which provides a refined list of BBB Resilience Indicators for stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of their recovery efforts and recovery plans, identify areas that are successfully implementing BBB principles and areas which need improvement, receive suggestions on what changes can be made to improve resilience outcomes.

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Features of the BBB Tool

  • Rates your recovery effort using best-practice BBB indicators under eight BBB principles.
  • Straight forward assessment that can be applied by any type of organisation involved in planning and/or implementing post-disaster recovery.
  • Helps you to pre-plan recovery efforts.
  • Helps you to assess the progress of ongoing recovery in-line with BBB principles.
  • Provides feedback to easily identify areas in ongoing recovery needing improvements in order to build back better and contribute to better resilience.
  • Non-prescriptive.
  • BBB indicators can be customised to local requirements.
  • The BBB Tool was tested as case studies in

2018 Kerala Floods (India)
2016 Kaikoura Earthquake (New Zealand)
2013 Salcedo Super Typhoon Haiyan, (Philippines)