BBB in Gaza, Palestine

Building Back Better signifies the opportunity that post-disaster reconstruction presents to induce resilience into communities and overcome recurring vulnerabilities. The framework for BBB created by Mannakkara and Wilkinson recognizes that BBB requires disaster risk reduction, psycho-social recovery of affected communities, regeneration of local economy, and effective and efficient implementation of reconstruction and recovery processes.

Mannakkara and Wilkinson’s BBB Framework was used to assess the recovery of agricultural businesses affected by the 2014 conflict in Gaza, Palestine. The military assault on Gaza caused extensive damages to the agricultural sector. A rehabilitation project conducted by the Agricultural Development Association (PARC) and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) to strengthen the resilience of 310 households and their agribusinesses and fisheries provided a unique opportunity to test the applicability of the BBB Framework in a conflict situation, and understand how it can apply to a specific sector such as agriculture.

Fieldwork was administered in Gaza by conducting focus groups with greenhouse farmers, poultry farmers, livestock and dairy farmers, and fishery farmers. The data collected focused on: physical asset resilience; land- use; preparedness and risk reduction; community recovery; business recovery; and effective implementation.

The results from this study provided valuable insight into what is practical and effective in a complex environment like Gaza. Specific BBB indicators for agricultural business recovery in Gaza were developed from the findings to assist local farmers to build back better, improve resilience and successfully recover their livelihoods.

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