BBB – Implementation in Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction

The term “Build Back Better” (BBB) is becoming a prominent term used in the postdisaster reconstruction environment. It signifies reconstruction as an opportunity to improve a community’s pre-disaster situation to increase its resilience to future disasters while also working on its social and economic recovery. This paper looks at the various elements which need to be implemented and coordinated to achieve BBB success. These concepts are: Improvement of Structural Designs, Legislation and Contract Facilitation, Land-Use Planning, Town Planning, Transitional Accommodation, Community Consultation, Stakeholder Involvement, Resources, Economic Recovery and Pre-Planned Processes and Frameworks. The Victorian Bushfires was selected as a pilot case study to examine how these concepts were incorporated in reconstruction and their outcomes.

The information was obtained from conducting semi-structured open-ended interviews with professionals from a range of important stakeholders directly involved in the recovery process. Finally these concepts are examined in further detail identifying successful initiatives which should be adopted as well as any shortcomings that were apparent with suggested improvements.

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