BBB – Field Work with the Farming Sector in Gaza

Building Back Better (BBB) is a process not a trait . That suggests that it can be firstly taught and learned, and secondly nurtured and developed. That is important because BBB has been identified by the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction published in March 2015 as a key priority for action in the next 15 years. It became popular as a catch-phrase particularly following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and more so with the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti. At its core it recognises that rebuilding alone simply reproduces the same vulnerabilities that perhaps triggered the disaster in the first place; and that instead any response should aim to BBB.

Thus, BBB is increasingly defined as a way to use the reconstruction process following a disaster to improve a community’s physical, social, environmental and economic conditions to create a more resilient community in an effective and efficient way. BBB differs from traditional approaches to reconstruction and recovery in that it takes an all-inclusive holistic approach, where all aspects related to community recovery are attended to simultaneously to determine a successful recovery programme that enhances the overall process.

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